Typical Roof Problems That Need Professional Help

Though there are several roof repairs that you can have as a DIY project, other roofing issues are dangerous, complicated, and require a particular set of skills.   


Here are several common roofing problems that require professional roof services.   

Poor Maintenance  

Before your roof deteriorates and becomes an expensive repair, it is important to carry out routine maintenance and inspections to help recognize minor roofing problems.   

Animal Damage  

Pests and animals such as wasps, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and mice can find their way into your house through your roof. Aside from being a sign of other issues such as holes or gaps, these animals or pests can compromise the structural integrity of your roof.   


For those who don’t know, adverse weather, moisture, and poor installation can cause shrinkage of the roof membranes. Whenever this occurs, it can cause the roof to pull away from the flashing. In addition to that, it can also cause shingles to crack.   


Hail, wild winds, and foot traffic can cause punctures on the roof. Since they’re a lot thinner, single-ply roofs are more susceptible to punctures. These punctures can lead to huge roof damage if not addressed as soon as possible.   

Improper Repairs or Installations  

If your roof is installed improperly, it is bound to have issues. Having all your installations or repairs done by a professional roofer can save you money in the long run. In addition to that, you will also require repairs less often. Thanks to the internet, searching for a professional roofer is easy. All you’ve got to do is to search for reputable Athens roofing companies.  

Damaged Shingles  

Shingles can be ripped off or get warped over time. In addition to that, it will cause the protective coating on shingles to eventually wear off if it is constantly exposed to the elements.   

Clogged Downspouts and Gutters  

Instead of draining off, clogged or poorly maintained gutters can cause water to back up. If this happens, it will eventually result in water pooling. This can cause the eaves of your roof to deteriorate.   

Tree Damage  

Eventually, that overhanging branches of a tree that constantly scratch on your roof will wear it off. In addition to that, these branches can fall on the roof and cause huge issues. Furthermore, trees can cause a build-up of debris. This promotes the growth of mold and moss.   

Pooling Water  

It can pose a major issue if water pools on the roof stay for more than 2 days. Common causes include the build-up of debris, drainage issues on your HVAC, and clogged gutters.   

Leakage and Moisture  

For those who don’t know, your roof is constantly fighting the elements, whether it is rain or sunlight. Because of the exposure to the wind, hail, snow, and rain, even a properly-installed and high-quality roof will experience wear and tear.   

If this happens, you will usually see a discolored ceiling or damp walls.   

Of you find these common issues, it is best to leave the job to the professionals instead of doing it as a DIY project.