TV shows have become popular as millions of people around the world watch TV series and also they rank the tv shows according to their priority. Popular TV shows Lost and Heroes have won the imaginations of millions of people. Popular TV shows makes people to leave the reality of day to day life. For example people viewed plane crashing and the aftermath. These tv shows stay fresh in memory year after year. Last and Heroes are evergreen tv shows. In spite of the development of internet, these tv shows glue people to sit at one corner of the room and watch the show.

Casting plays a vital role in the success of popular tv shows. Each character is identified by the viewer. These tv shows dominate the lives of millions of people. More and more reality tv shows dominate the world. Reality shows did not pop up in the late Nineteen Tea TV Apk Nineties and after the grand success of Survivor, number of reality shows came up one after the other. Shows like The Bachelor, For Love, Big Brother came up later and compete for prizes. TV episodes can also be viewed online.

Popular websites like You Tube, Google offer video facility to watch tv episodes online. Popular TV shows are uploaded in websites to enable viewers watch the shows online. Even if a favorite show is missed due to work schedule, the same can be viewed online. People can access channels like NBC, Fox, ABC, CNBC, with the PC Satellite TV software. There is no additional hardware is required to operate it. There is no need to battle for remote set to watch their favorite tv show between people, as online tv shows are plenty.