It’s extremely crucial that you service your cesspool regularly. The reason for this is that your septic system doesn’t have infinite capacity. Therefore, if you choose to ignore it for a long period, you are running the risk of overflowing.  


However, how can a regular homeowner know that it is time to service their cesspool? Fortunately, there are a couple of obvious indications that you’ve got to watch out to know if it is time to hire a cesspool service on Long Island 

Today, we’re going to share with you some of these indications. 

Sewage Backup 

Homeowners who don’t follow a routine maintenance or pumping schedule and choose to ignore this task might frequently experience sewage backup. This is perhaps the most serious sign that you need to hire a cesspool service as soon as possible.  

If your septic tank is blocked to the point where it begins to overflow, it can also result in sewage backup. It is best to contact a professional plumber right away the minute you see water backing up in your sinks or toilets. You should not use the area until the plumber arrives to prevent any health hazards and risks. 

Green Grass 

Have you noticed that the grass near your septic tanks is greener and healthier lately? Has your lawn become particularly lush suddenly? If so, the reason could be your septic tank.  

The grass around your septic tank should look the same as the grass on the rest of your lawn. This is particularly true if the tank isn’t choked or full. On the other hand, a leaky and full tank will act as fertilizer for your grass and plants. This occurs since the sewage water leaks into the soil. This causes the grass to grow better.  

Slow Drainage 

The next obvious sign that you have to pump your septic tank is that it is draining slower than it normally does. It is time you hire an expert to pump your tank if it takes longer to flush or drain. This includes slow draining in washing machines, shower drain, toilets, and sink. If ignored, this can result in backups and clogging. 

Pooling Water 

If there are huge pools of water around the house and it isn’t associated with rain, you might be experiencing water pooling. This appears like a huge puddle around the drain field of your septic tank. It means that it is overflowing. It causes wastewater to accumulate and rise to the surface if solid waste particles clog drain pipes. 

Foul Smell 

A tank that is choked, blocked, or full will emit extremely foul smells because of all the gases forming and accumulating in it. these smells emanate from the sinks, drains, toilets, and the area where the septic tank is installed. You need to make sure you monitor these smells from any of these outlets because it means that you could have a major problem down the line.  

It’s time that you service your cesspool if you experience any of these signs.