If you want to make an elegant walkway, cozy patio, or other good features all over your house, you can always opt for a professionally installed stamped concrete. Such a surface option can be budget-friendly and provides a long-lasting lifetime. Hence, stamped concrete is a good alternative to featureless pavers or concrete. Know more regarding the benefits of utilizing stamped concrete for the next renovation project for your backyard and its expected lifetime. 


Stamped Concrete’s Expected lifetime 

With the right installation process and use, stamped concretes tend to last for approximately 25 years, which is the similar anticipated lifetime of a standard concrete partly because they have similar material. The main difference between standard concrete and a stamped concrete is that a stamp is pressed into the surface while it’s a bit dry. Such procedure is best done by the concrete Shepherdsville KY experts if you want to prevent it from getting an uneven application. 

Similar to standard concrete, a newly installed stamped concrete is not free of maintenance. If you want to enjoy your outdoor surface such as a comfortable patio, then it’s best to ask your chosen concrete company regarding the maintenance service you can get from them. Crack and sealant repair are two of the preventative maintenance tasks that can aid you to make the most out of your newly stamped service. 

Aspects that affect its lifetime 

Not all installed stamped concrete can reach a long lifetime of 25 years. Sadly, several aspects cause their approximated lifetime to be cut short. Some of these factors include no maintenance services, heavyweights on the surface, lack of sealer, and improper installation. Because of that, it’s very important to make sure that this will be done by the experts. 

Advantages of sealing stamped concrete 

When it comes to your concrete construction, the sealer is a vital part that must not be neglected. Naturally, concrete is porous. Meaning, the moisture can penetrate it. Though moisture may not result in significant issues, some winter weather indicates that moisture will be frozen and thawed several times all over the year. The cycle of thaw/freeze can cause your stamped concrete’s surface to be cracked or make deep structural problems. 

Affordable alternative to bricks and pavers 

Compare stamped and sealed concrete to bricks or paver stones to see why it is the correct option for your outdoor projects. Bricks and pavers can simply get cracked, lose, and make the surface uneven. 

Moisture protection 

If you have your installed concrete professionally seal coated, it will be protected against different moisture issues. Sealed concrete does not absorb water similar to an unsealed surface, which helps to encourage a longer lifetime in extreme weather conditions. Some outdoor stamped concrete might require this moisture protection level. Hence, make sure that your paving team will include it as a part of the installation process. Moreover, some sealants need to be reapplied for approximately 1 to 3 years. Because of that, you need to ask your chosen concrete contractor about what maintenance steps you need.